The Hell of Toothache & Other Dental Agonies

Joshua/ April 17, 2024/ Articles

In the annals of human suffering, few afflictions rival the relentless torment of toothache. It’s a visceral agony that gnaws at the very core of one’s existence, rendering sleep a distant memory and turning the simplest of tasks into Herculean trials. The mere mention of dental pain is enough to send

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Dentistry’s Animal Testing Shame: Now Only in the Past?

Joshua/ November 9, 2023/ Articles

For decades, animal testing has been a dark shadow cast over the field of dentistry. While the aim has always been to improve oral health and develop new treatments, the means often involved subjecting animals to painful and sometimes lethal experiments. However, recent advancements in research methods, ethical considerations by dental

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When Teeth are Hell: The Torture of Dental Pain

Joshua/ June 28, 2023/ Articles

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, ready to conquer the day ahead. But as soon as you take a bite of your breakfast, a sharp, unbearable pain shoots through your mouth. Suddenly, your plans for the day are overshadowed by one thing – dental pain. We’ve all experienced some

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Animal Teeth vs. Human Teeth – What’s The Difference

Joshua/ April 13, 2023/ Articles

Introduction Welcome to our latest blog post, where we’ll be exploring the fascinating differences between animal teeth and human teeth. Did you know that some animals have teeth that are constantly growing? Or that humans are the only species with a “chin”? In this article, we’ll delve deep into the world

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Port Macquarie Swamp Creatures

Joshua/ September 6, 2022/ Articles

Deep in the swamps of Port Macquarie lurk creatures that most people never knew existed. These strange and often terrifying creatures have been the stuff of legend for centuries, but now you can see them for yourself! Port Macquarie wetlands The Port Macquarie wetlands are home to a variety of swamp

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Sharpest and Strongest Teeth in Nature

Joshua/ July 31, 2021/ Articles

Posed as a question, it would seem relatively easy to answer. Instantly our mind moves to shark!lion!pihrana! before immediately running away because they are three scary thoughts. Apparently though, a shark will pursue us only if it thinks we are a seal. Yet no research team is working on how to

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What We Can Learn from Nature

Joshua/ June 4, 2018/ Articles

Some would say we learn everything from nature, as we are a part of nature. However, as human beings over the millennia, we have categorised ourselves as masters of nature and outside of it, wherever possible. The Judaeo-Christian religions sought to lift mankind above all other animals through its connection with

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Hellbenders A Great Part of the Salamander Family

Joshua/ May 25, 2016/ Articles

Some people love their newts, sirens and salamanders: I must admit that I am not one of them. Your traditional witch’s spell recipe calls for ‘eye of newt’; so your witch is fairly familiar with one part of the amphibian family. These slimy creatures can breathe on land and in water;

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The Mating and Reproductive Strategies of Salamanders

Joshua/ May 23, 2016/ Articles

The term “salamander” originates from the Greek word “salamandra” which means “fire animal.” This is because salamanders usually turn up in logs that were set on fire.  As amphibians, salamanders can breathe and live in water or on land. However, adult amphibians get to live on land and only come back

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