What We Can Learn from Nature

Joshua/ June 4, 2018/ Articles

Some would say we learn everything from nature, as we are a part of nature. However, as human beings over the millennia, we have categorised ourselves as masters of nature and outside of it, wherever possible. The Judaeo-Christian religions sought to lift mankind above all other animals through its connection with a supernatural entity who lived everywhere and in heaven. The religious rules taught us that all the plants and animals were here for our purposes. This ethos has not served the planet well over the long term, with mass degradation and extinction of environment and species resulting. What we can learn from nature is now more paramount than ever.

We Can Live in Harmony with Each Other

It is, in my opinion, a gross conceit, to consider ourselves so far above the rest of nature. We are a part of it, not its reason for being here, and we are all, holistically connected. The sooner that we all realise this and stop ranting about invisible beings and supernatural entities, the sooner we can live in harmony with each other. A belief in spirit as distinct from matter is an unhealthy philosophy to hold. Matter is infused with a living spirit or energy, but you cannot separate the two for any philosophical purposes.

The Creation of Balanced Human Beings

Finding direction within our lives is an important first step in moving toward a clearer future. Looking at the environment around us, and the creatures who share our ecology, can provide salient lessons in how we approach our own lives. This is why contact with nature and diversity is so important for the creation of balanced human beings. Living apart from nature in urban settings only fuels problems via unhealthy attitudes in these human beings.

The Good Life is Full of Grace & Dignity

A study of animals and how they move can contribute to finding solutions to serious pain caused by mobility problems. Interacting with nature in all its forms can provide benefits for both us and nature. Respect for our environment cannot be emphasised enough for our future generations and right now. If we take from nature, we must give back to nature. Life is best served by give and take in all things. The good life is one that interacts with the world around it, with grace and dignity. What we can learn from nature is never ending in scope and consequences.

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